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"Portrayed here as a relentlessly intense prodigy and a nerd to remember by Dan Rosales, he sings (or rather raps) about the musical comedy soundtrack of his childhood and his horror at what Broadway had become beneath the Technicolor shadow of Disney...This smart, silly and often convulsively funny thesis, [is] performed by a motor-mouthed cast that is fluent in many tongues."

- Ben Brantley, The New York Times

"Dan Rosales cuts a slight figure, and in a close-fitting wig with rat’s tail dangling coquettishly behind, he captures Miranda’s edgy neurotic energy — and slightly squeaky voice, as one of the lyrics rubs it in...Much is owed to the agile five-member cast of actor-singer-spoofers."

- Marilyn Stasio, Variety

"The pony-tailed actor portraying Miranda, Dan Rosales, recreates with devastating accuracy the star's slightly whiny, nasal inflections — an indication of how well-chosen these parodists are."

- Peter Marks, The Washington Post

"Rosales delivers a brilliant comic send-up of Miranda's Alexander Hamilton persona, with an "aw, shucks" vibe and long, stringy-haired wig." 

- David Gordon, TheaterMania

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“Wringer,” is fun from beginning to end. Palmer [is] sensitively portrayed by Dan


Laurel Graeber, The New York Times

Peter Pan, as played by the agile and charming Dan Rosales, flies, fights, tumbles, rolls, and soars, propelled by theatrical magic.

Jeffrey Walker,

The most impressive of all, Dan Rosales, plays the boy who refuses to grow up, Peter

Pan. He keeps such an athletic grace to his movements on land that the transition to airseems possible at any moment.Rosales’ Peter adds an edge to his eagerness that makes his first moments in the third floor bedroom searching for his shadow unexpectedly compelling.

-David Novinski,

In this contemporary Peter Pan, Dan Rosales is a plucky, amiable, strong-willed Peter; His flying skills are fearless and make it all seem so easy.

-David Siegel, DCMetroTheatreArts

Dan Rosales makes a persuasive Peter Pan - lithe, athletic, impulsive and mercurial. He projects ease and naturalness, genial for all the character's thoughtlessness.

-Everett Evans, Houston Chronicle

The Dallas debut of this national tour offers a visual feast...Dan Rosales’ Peter Pan crackles with energy and immerses the audience in Neverland.

-Nancy Churnin, Dallas Morning News

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